Eileen E. Jacobs, Enrolled Agent

Eileen E. Jacobs, EA

• 30 Years Income Tax Experience

Authorized IRS E-File Provider

The IRS describes authorized e-file providers as:

Tax professionals who are accepted into the electronic filing program are called "Authorized IRS e-file Providers." They are the Electronic Return Originator (ERO) who transmits tax return information to the IRS.

By using an Authorized IRS e-file Provider, your tax accountant will know if your return was accepted within 48 hours. If the IRS detects any errors, it sends an error message to the transmitter to correct and retransmit the return to the IRS. Only IRS e-file options offer this advantage.

If you are receiving a refund, electronic filing speeds up the time it takes the IRS to accept your return. This means your refund will be received faster.

If you are NOT receiving a refund, electronic filing is still your best option. IRS e-file returns are virtually error-proof with an error rate of less than one percent. IRS e-file greatly reduces the chance that you will get an error letter from the IRS.